Thursday, 3 May 2012

Monster Tasmanian King Crab saved from the pot


Catch of the day: Claude weighs a mighty 15lbs and measures 15 inches wide - when he is fully grown he will weigh a whopping 30lbs and gain an extra three inches
Lucky escape: The Tasmanian King Crab is a delicacy in its native Australia and was destined for the dinner table until it was snapped up by a British aquarium worker while Down Under
Mini me: Claude dwarfs a British Shore crab who is put on his back for size and to show just how gigantic he is
Big crab, small appetite: 'The crabs don¿t eat very much despite being one of the largest species and they will feed on shrimp, prawns, and squid when they are here,' said Jemma Battrick, aquarist at Weymouth Sea Life

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